IVY Amsterdam

Our vision

Everything about this stunning high-rise development sets a precedent, helping replenish this area with socially minded and sustainable thinking in Amsterdam North.

With proximity to the A10 ring road and the North-South Metro, it allows better connectivity to be private and public transportation. And with Ivy Amsterdam situated just a short distance to the city’s main attractions and a greater level of demand due to ever-increasing in rent levels and property prices, this is the ideal choice when making your investment.

Stunning views over the city

IVY Amsterdam is a high-end complex offering high-quality modern apartments well suited to current tenant requirements. Ivy Amsterdam defines modern living in an apartment with low maintenance costs and a level of design integrity that aims to satisfy your every need.

The benefits

With a commercial area and an allowance for 30 vehicles, 505 bicycles, and 29 scooters in total, the indoor parking spaces remain carefully positioned to maximise on space within the design. This is your unique opportunity for you to own your own freehold property in Amsterdam North. With a total development space of approximately 15,545sqm and sustainability in mind, it brings exceptionally high standards with an EPC of less than 0.15.

Stable investment

Acquiring Ivy Amsterdam means a stable return on your investment, which in turn offers more fluid cash flow for your business. With a long-term forecasted shortage in regulated and affordable housing segments, it means your property will always be occupied.

This unique residential investment opportunity in Amsterdam has an estimated gross annual rental income of EUR 2.4 million.

Block A

Block A comprises of 44 mid-sector rentals and 30 non-regulated apartments. This option includes basement parking and space for food and beverage units on the ground floor.

Block B

Block B comprises of 66 regulated apartments, including bicycle parking in the basement, plus commercial space on the ground floor.

Block C

Block C comprises of 17 mid-sector rental apartments, including bicycle parking in the basement.

Block D

Block D comprises of 49 social care apartments, including bicycle parking in the basement.

About the location

The Dutch real estate investment market has shown impressive growth over the last couple of years, breaking record after record in this time. This remarkable increase in volume was primarily driven by investment activity within Amsterdam and an increasing investor appetite for the residential sector.

While the Ivy Amsterdam situated in the Klaprozenbuurt in Amsterdam-North, the former industrial estate on Klaprozenweg has now been redesignated as an urban neighbourhood. This puts a focus is on urban living, light business, and to provide plenty of green area for everyone.

Klimopweg is becoming a thriving community among the hustle and bustle of the city. (Please refer to the Market Intelligence Dashboard for all relevant demographic data for The Netherlands, Amsterdam and Amsterdam-North).

The location

Real Estate Development with style

About BLVG Development

Transparent. Involved. Ambitious.

Established in 2006 in Amsterdam, BLVG is an experienced real estate developer that works exclusively in the Amsterdam region. In addition to this, BLVG is a residential fund manager through its affiliate sub-company Hub Studios and is therefore well acquainted with both the developer and owner-side of the real estate business.

BLVG is best known for its carefully thought out inner-city developments and redevelopments, with a keen eye on comfortable housing. With its strong aesthetic focus on social interaction, comfortable living, and considered design come first.

BLVG not only takes up the challenge to discover new possibilities for existing buildings and locations but transforms them into desirable, sustainable, high-quality properties.

The highest levels of sustainability

  • Energy label A+++++
  • EPC of < 0,15
  • Triple solar controlled glass
  • Solar panels with ESCO block system
  • Lush Interior and exterior greenery
  • Green façades with greater biodiversity
  • The green sedum roof surface
  • Further indented areas with plants and sedum
  • Parking spaces for cars, e-cars, bikes and scooters
  • Shared mobility plans

How it works

The aim of this website is to deliver introductory information to the property. It is only intended to assist potential bidders in deciding whether to undertake further investigation of the property, to submit their bid. Please request access to the digital area which contains all relevant information regarding the details for submission on bidding, offers and next steps.

Please request access to the digital data room by providing your name and email address.